Residences @ Malden Station

Welcome home! You'll stroll right in the front door with your own 4-digit access code and take the elevator straight up to your place. The foyer is also equipped with an HD TV to provide you with information on local news, weather, and community bulletins!


The kitchen's got all stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Ya, you heard me. And the cabinets? We've got kitchen storage for days.

Living Room

Our living room rocks. There's not much to be said about an empty room, but it's got plenty of space to fit all of your awesome stuff. And just look at those windows...You're going to have enough natural light to practically run your entire apartment on solar energy.


A brand new washer and dryer in your apartment? Yep, it is all yours...No more waiting for your neighbors to finish up in some coin-operated machine! Also, no more coins. You're welcome.


And now, the bedroom. You're going to be spending a lot of time in here. It's got your bed, which makes it the best room in the house. But there's also that gigantic closet for you to fill with, y'know, other cool stuff. You're gonna love it. I swear.

Fitness Center

Get your beach body right here folks! This awesome state-of-the-art gym is the best place to get that body in shape, and keep it that way!.


Just look at this space. It's a common area, so you'll have to share. But sharing is caring, right? Meet some new people watching Netflix on this enormous 70" HD TV. Have a movie night with your friends. Or a game night with strangers. Or a study night with everyone. Whatever.